The NoteCard Teachers’ Page

The Music Lesson by Johannes Vermeer

Teach music, not note-reading!

It only takes a few short sessions with NoteCard to greatly improve students’ note-reading skills. Many teachers find even the basic free version of NoteCard a very useful activity to have in their waiting-room. Extra features in the paid version allow teachers to monitor students’ progress.

Group purchases at a discount

For a group purchase of five or more, we offer a deep discount (currently 40%) for teachers who arrange group purchases of five copies or more.

Moreover, on completion of such a purchase, we issue a special coupon code permitting the teacher to get the same discount on all subsequent NoteCard purchases.

This is fairer for students who might have missed the original purchase, and also gives the teacher a small extra-value item to pass on to present and future students without having to worry about organizing a further group buy.

Ordering is easy

The teacher has entered the discount code and is about to click the Update button.

To order your NoteCard licences, fill out the online order form at (formerly RegNow).

To qualify for the quantity discount, be sure to enter AHAS-8G2O-SPAC in the ‘Coupon Code’ space. Click the Update button on the form to see the checkout price change appropriately.

The appearance of the NoteCard order form after applying the group discount.

If the person making the purchase is not one of those who will be receiving a licence in the group deal, uncheck the box ‘The Recipient or Licensee is the same as the Purchaser’ and enter one licensee’s name and contact information in the Recipient area. MyCommerce, our payment processor, will email that person’s licence information automatically as soon as the payment clears.

Use the contact form to email us a list of the remaining names to be licensed, and we will respond with the additional codes within 24 hours.

Make the most of your time with your students. Order NoteCard today.