Learn to read music with NoteCard!

Little girl tentatively touching a piano keyboard Ready for NoteCard?

If you are on a musical journey, you’ve come to the right place. Notecard is an important tool for improving your note-reading abilities.

  • NoteCard is a fast, easy, and fun way to learn the musical notes using your Windows PC.
  • NoteCard is suitable for school-age children and for adults.
  • NoteCard lets you choose the instrument and the range of notes that you want to work with.
  • NoteCard is free. Enhanced features are available for $19.75 USD, less than the average cost of an hour-long music lesson.

At present, NoteCard is only available for Windows computers (XP and later).

NoteCard — Free version

NoteCard runs on Microsoft Windows computers (XP and later).

The essentials of the system:

  • Highly-focused, fun, note-reading drill
  • Develop instant recognition of musical notes
  • Learn notes on piano, guitar, other instruments
  • Easy introduction of notes over multiple ‘levels’
  • Choose any clef — treble, bass, alto or tenor

After trying out NoteCard, you may decide the extra features are useful to you. They can be purchased either from within the program, or right here!

NoteCard — Paid version

Extra features for faster learning.

All the features of the free version, PLUS…

  • Audio playback of notes helps lock memory
  • Got a MIDI keyboard? Use it with NoteCard!
  • Optional practice with sharps and flats
  • Individual practice records for up to three users
  • Progress analysis keeps you motivated, on track
  • Adaptive testing algorithm cuts learning time
  • Ear-training mode (in v3.3) adds new horizon

The price of your NoteCard 3 individual user license is $19.75 in USA dollars.

The license allows you to install and use NoteCard on your home computer or home network, as well as up to three portable computers (e.g. laptops) belonging to members of your household.

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Or download the free version now. Enjoy!